The Siena at Montclair - Siena Residents Will Enjoy Easy Commute To Manhattan

Are they improvements in Montclair?
of The Montclair Times

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 - I don’t know who is “inn-amored” about a 100-room hotel going up in their back yard — all the residents I’ve spoken to think the idea is ridiculous.

Montclair has no major highways (yet…or is that the next “improvement” plan?), no big business, nothing that is a big enough “draw.” People looking for fun or a vacation are going to be staying in Manhattan, where hotels are closing by the dozens and are being converted to condos. And speaking of condos, are people in the Siena going to like having a huge hotel going up across the street from their home?

I also question the people we have let buy up our town. A lovely space that might have been used for 12 Miles West Theatre (which was driven out of town by the owner of that same building) is instead used for tacky Halloween costumes. Another theater space, the Wellmont, sits empty — courtesy of the same developer who wants to build the hotel. Does this inspire confidence in these people? Does this constitute “improvement”?

Worst of all, we are turning Montclair into “party central” — not fun party, just tacky party. People left New York so they could have a place to raise their kids.

When we let the rich turn Montclair into Sleaze City, and then they all leave to get peace somewhere else, while the rest of us residents are left with the “improvements” they have made, I wonder who is going to be using that hotel?


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